Privacy Policy

This site does not track you or your personal data beyond the actions you perform here, and beyond that nothing is tracked. We sell nothing.

What This Site Knows About You

1) Most who sign-up authenticate via a third-party such as Facebook or Google. In that case, the only thing this site knows about you is your email address which is tied to the third-party authentication that you chose.

2) This site knows about what posts or pages on this site you have accessed here.

3) This site knows from what IP address you used to access this site.

What Data This Site Sells 

Nothing. We do not sell or provide anything about your actions done here to anyone.

What This Site Tracks After You Leave This Site

Nothing. This site does not use cookies or scripts to track your activities outside the scope of using this site. This site does not try to list what other tabs you have open, what other connections your device might have to other sites, etc.

Does This Site Know My Password on Facebook, Google, Twitter, etc.?

No. If you chose to authenticate using a third-party such as Facebook, Google, or Twitter, then this site does not know what your password is on those sites.

That said if you chose not to authenticate using one of those third-parties, and instead create a user account and password on this site, and that password happens to be the same as what you used on some other site, in doing so you have done an unwise thing.

However, rest assured that this site does not store that password even in its local database.  Instead, it stores a hash of that password. To be more specific, it is a salted hash. That means even if someone gains access or a copy of our internal database, they will have a very tough time determining your password from that salted hash. I can’t say it is impossible, because nothing is.

But still, you really shouldn’t use the same password on multiple sites.

What About  Plugins This Site Uses?

This site uses plugins for various things, like integrating with social media and authentication sources. All plugins used are widely used and generally considered to be secure and not abuse your personal data.

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